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Originally Posted by cnshockey View Post
Having just seen Hickey live and in person for the first time, I think he is NHL ready. You have to remember that he's gone through countless injuries and lost a lot of time developing. Plus, defenseman usually take longer anyways. The big thing holding him back over the past few seasons now that he's healthy is still his injuries. While he's healthy, he lost time where he could have developed faster and that allowed people like Martinez and Voynov to pass him on the depth chart while Mitchell and Scuds were added via free agency. IMO the only reason he hasn't been in the NHL as of last year/the year before even is because the Kings felt it would be better for him to play than be the number 7 when Whiskey is perfect for that because he's not going to develop much more, if at all whereas Hickey still could.

I'd really hate to lose Hickey. Call him a bust all you want but I see the kid playing in the NHL one day sooner rather than later.
If he gets claimed, good for Hickey. Cause that will mean the kid will get a shot to play.

I think the Kings are waiting to see how A-mart/Slava/Scuds turn out.

You can't replace Scuds, but say he wants a lot of money. Hickey's game has evolved, he is not some flashy puck mover anymore.

He play's a game like Scuds does, right place, right time(correct hockey play).

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