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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
More power to you, brother. Every time I try to edit any wiki file its like applying for a loan refinance. I can't seem to get it right, and the wiki police won't just allow anyone to edit...

The Wiki Police will allow anyone so long as you source the material. I very seldomly create brand new pages since those are the ones that get nailed by the Wiki Police. I understand the concept behind it being a reliable and verifiable document, but some of the rules do drive me nuts. The biggest one (which incidentally many hockey pages tread the line on) is that it is not a sports stats almanac. Quite honestly, many things should be added to the site, but they are simply stats and would get deleted swiftly. Hockey is also a very difficult subject to get into, since the sports projects (baseball mostly it seems) refer to it as the hockey mafia. There are a few people well versed in Wikipedia rules and regulations (and also hockey project rules and regulations) that enforce those much more strictly than say the baseball project (or even less so the other sports that have projects really in name only).

There is one annoying thing about Wikipedia though. When it first started many sites folded their research into it. Being that I was in University when this started it created a problem in writing papers. The one source I had found was (or .com or something like that) which was simply a list of every head of state for every nation ever. It was great when I needed to source a name of a King or President. Wikipedia came along and professors said it was not a reliable site to use for papers. The person behind folded their site into Wikipedia, making it infinitely harder to find a source for the head of state for Prussia in 1754.

Ultimately, if anyone wants to get into being an editor at Wikipedia, let me know my user name is the same here as over there. PM here or post to my Talk Page on Wikipedia (though it probably is easier to reach me here, I have lost the drive to edit on Wikipedia lately and don't log into my account as often) and I will gladly look over whatever you add to the page. A word of advice, start with editing prose, as opposed to tables. Tables are really easy to screw up as there is a precise way to format them. The good news is that I have heard Wikipedia is planning to revamp how editing is done to make it much easier for people to edit pages

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