Thread: Proposal: Pegula signature move?
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01-13-2013, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by SabresFanNorthPortFL View Post
It's his team but Regier is the GM. Will Pegula make a signature move happen? Will Regier be capable of constructing said move?

It's no secret that Regier loves his players, and has not shown a willingness to trade a player when it appears said player might be better traded. Connolly should have been sent packing sooner, as should have Roy. I look at Vanek and the way Ruff uses him and think might he be sent packing???

Anyway, going on 2 years with Pegula in charge and no signature move. Is it time? With Hecht back is it sort of status quo??? Yes, Roy/Ott but where is the move to bring in a real winner??? Same leaders that never have shown a true win at all cost mentality...26, 29, 21, 55. We're counting on these guys to win and be good it time to sacrifice one youngster, one of 26-29-21, and a pick and bring in a stud???? Is it time to tell Regier to address this need and forget about having to "win" the trade because the guy you bring in will posativelly change the makeup/attitude of the team? Or do we trust Regier and the kids?????

Signature or not?
If it improves our hockey team, sure. I'm all for trading one of Pominville, Vanek, Stafford, etc if it will improve our hockey team.

It's not like Darcy can just go out and wave his magic wand to trade one of our players for some guy who will bring us a cup.

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