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Originally Posted by Nationals28 View Post
I am in a ticket pool with 4 friends. The first year we just randomly picked names out of a hat for who picked first, second, etc. This year i think we should do it the same way but another guy thinks that the person who got first last year should be last pick this year and so on. What do you think? How are you doing it in your pools?
We have 4 guys. The first year we randomly selected what order to pick. We agreed that we would rotate every year. 1st would then pick 4th, 2nd would move up to 1st, 3rd move up to 2nd and 4th move up to 3rd. We also have an agreed amount # of games where you pick a single ticket and go with another member of the group, and a certain # of games where you get both tickets to take your wife/kid/other buddy.

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