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Originally Posted by Maineice11 View Post
ugh, that is rough....

Where are you located and who do you have for a provider?

(I live up in Maine and have directv, and during the playoffs listening to the Ottawa feed while the games were being played in new York, drove me insane. I called directv and had them change my physical address to an address in southern CT and now every game is on MSG if it is being shown on MSG)
Ugh, and just realized the second game is on nhln which likely means the pittsburgh crew. rough first weekend.

I live in the DC area. I have thought about doing what you suggest but direct tv at my house sucks. I used to have it and loved it for the sports, it was nice having my choice of home feeds everytime for both baseball and hockey, plus MSG which I don't get with FIOS. Unfortunately it got to the point where I was losing the signal way too much and it wasn't worth the money I was paying so I switched to FIOS, which I like. The problem is FIOS' hd sports sucks, two or three games in hd is not enough. When I called direct tv to have them come out their tech told me he was afraid to go up on my roof, yeah well then get a new job. Not that it mattered I had enough of them at that point.

So last year I got gamecenter and it wasn't bad, plus it allowed me to watch the non-national games online while at work which was a nice plus, and I could hook my laptop up to my 48inch HD tv and it looked pretty decent actually. They said this year they would be adding it to xbox which would be great and make it easier so still hoping for that, but it doesn't help with the national games.

Originally Posted by FromTheSide View Post
Just go on here that day and get an MSG Feed stream
I am not a fan of the streams, the quality is usually not good and I don't enjoy watching the game on my computer in my office when I have a nice HDTV in my living room. Hooking the laptop up to the computer for a crappy stream isn't worth it.

Not really much I can do, so just venting about it, maybe I will get lucky and get some MSG feeds on NHLN games.

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