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01-13-2013, 06:44 PM
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I'd like someone to find this mythical goaltender who doesn't age ...

heh ... when does the title "aging player" actually make sense?

One figures it must be primarily based on actual physical play vs just some general consensus on years lived ...
As clearly Gomez or Redden (as example of earlier diminishing skillset players), vs Hasek, Brodeur, or Roloson players, who still performed at a high level into their 40's make it impossible to predict when an individual player's slide will begin, and at what rate it will slide.

All the posters applying the term to Luongo completely disregard the fact he's shown no deterioration in his on ice play. They may as well claim he's now 4 inches shorter or turned has into a jar of peanut butter. heh fun times.

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