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About Yourself
Name: Romain
Age: 21
Location: Brussels Belgium
Origin of Screen Name: I though it sounded cool 10 years ago

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 3 recently and 2 between my 14th and 16th birthday
Current Team: N/A
Current League: N/A
Highest Level Played: B Level
Current Level: N/A
Position: wing, sometimes D
Type of Player: playmaker
Player You Emulate: T Plekanec

Current Gear
Helmet: CCM V08
Shoulders: CCM U+pro
Elbows: RBK 7k Pro (JOFA)
Shins: easton synergy 400
Gloves: One95
Skates: MLX
Stick: Vapor X:50, easton ST,EQ50,Miken MV5, many shafts & blades coming up though

Hobbies: hockey, rollersoccer, tea with friends, skate teaching
Movies: more of a documentary fan
Music: pink floyd, classical, some supertramp lately and some fairly more recent rock bands
TV: seinfeld & fresh prince
Food: whatever's left in the fridge
Drinks: coke
Hockey Team: Habs, although I don't like the Quebec nationalists/seperatists
Hockey Player: Kovalchuk & Datsyuk the 2 most skilled players imo

As a background, I've been a MSH and S2K nerd for 1-2 years, but realized today that hf boards was quite a bit deeper gamewise and more global, which I find important, especially since I moved to EU. I remain an absolute equipment geek, but now that the equipment is settled, I want to play as much as possible and to improve my personal set of skills as much/soon as possible. I'm quite old already and I really want to play at the highest possible level hockeywise. I still have a life, where I study though. (exam tomorrow xD)
If you guys need tips on equipment, I know I can help you or guide you to the right person/place.

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