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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Perhaps I'm being overly pessimistic, but I can't shake the feeling that things are off to a terrible start this year.

Cole is unhappy, allegedly considering retirement...I worry about him mailing in the season.

One of our top prospects in Leblanc is apparently being bullied and tormented to the point of having a fractured psyche in Hamilton.

One of the main pieces of our core hasn't signed yet and there are all kinds of rumours of him being disliked by the team (which I don't fully buy, but I don't like to hear about it).

Gomez being sent home...Yes most fans are happy about it, but Gomez was very well liked in the room and had a lot of friends. I'm sure most realize that it's business but I'm betting they aren't thrilled with how it went down.

Honestly, things look to be headed south. For the best I guess, I mean at this point I prefer if they tank and get a Seth Jones or a Drouin/McKinnon, but the "fan" in me hates to see the team lose.

In some ways I feel we are seeing the beginning of the end of this current "era" of the Habs. The era of Gionta-Gomez-Plekanec-Markov... The new era will soon begin centred around Price, Pacioretty, Subban and (hopefully) Galchenyuk.

Regardless of how you feel about individual players, it makes me sad to see the cracks beginning to form in the foundation of this team. It will all be for the best, I'm sure, but I hate seeing it anyways.

And honestly...It'll probably get pretty ugly over the next 2 years.
"...cracks beginning to form"?
"end of this current era".
"look to be headed south"

Hate to break it to you but the foundation caved in, there was a sewer backup and the GM gambled away the insurance money. We hit the polar south long ago. We want that era to be gone.

I see a star defenseman wanting to commit long term to the organization, the worst trade in the past decade finally being cremated and, well, in the case of Cole a guy simply venting after a very emotional labour dispute.

In the case of Leblanc, he's just not a very impactful hockey player and simply victim of fan expectation .

It's a long journey from Antarctica but the team is going due north finally.

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