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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
Opilka and Carlsson are unbelieveable from what ive been hearing and very impressive in a recent tournament down south. Nice goalie list. Semaio on YSE, a real big-game goalie granted his size is on the small end. Excellent technique and rebound control. Semaio battles hard, his glove hand is excellent. Ben Blacker is committed to Western Michigan.

Not sure how well u know the 98's, but Honeybaked 98's Michael Latorella Goaltender is a very, very special goaltender.

Brayden St.Germaine I still like this goalie from the 96 crop. I really believe in this kids long term abilities. He is doing well with the Kanata Stallions, playing Junior B. I was able to watch a few of his starts this year. Im thinking an OHL team might invite him to camp or he can re-enter the draft if im not mistaken.
Opilka is getting good reviews in the US. Some talk about Valardo but his small frame will hold him back. I have not seen Carlsson. There are a few others in the US getting some looks. One in Minnesota and off the OHL list. Helvig is very hot and cold. A giant that people are paying close attention to. Can't get a good read on him. Tampano also. Was rated AA by OHL CS but seems to let in some easy goals when his team needs him. Big big kid. Can't knock that. Semaio has been good. Very small but gets around the net and make key saves. Can play bog games. McGlynn has been very good for Oakville. Could be one of the most athletic tenders in the group. Incredible foot speed and positionally sound.

I can't come up a first goalie pick. Wide open right now. If we default to size Tampano or Helvig may get the pick. Anyone have a guess

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