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01-13-2013, 07:25 PM
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Originally Posted by b in vancouver View Post
But he played with Savard and Lucic in Boston and it made no difference as he forced his way out. I don't think he cares.

But he was on a Bruins team that was on the verge of becoming elite and it made no difference and he forced his way out. I don't think he cares.

Media - fine. But I think the only other team in the league that puts as little pressure on their players to actually perform on the ice and win games is The Oil. Even the Isle stand up for themselves and hated Rolston. The organization and the fans seem to defend to the death every mediocre player that dons a Leaf sweater. One of the reasons they've sucked for so long. I don't think he cares as he goes the way of the rest of the team.

Although I would add Carlyle to your list. More Julien like and might ask him to hit the weight room and then he'll force his way out.

I think it all depends on whether he thinks he can get $7M and the Leafs are only offering $6.85M - he'll leave.
I'd imagine he cares. Chiarelli was being a huge hard ass about money and Kessel hated Julien. It probably came down to money first, Julien 2nd. Toronto was really his only way out and he took it.

Next summer he has 30 ways out. All he needs is a team willing to offer him as much as Toronto with a coach who isn't Hitchcock or Julien and the rest become tiebreakers in the consideration.

I think it comes down to Toronto convincing him this summer to take 8x56 and not risk injuries/bad play waiting until UFA. My prediction is if he's not signed by next fall he tests FA at the very least.

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