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Canadiens offer own versionof STUBHUB

as a ST holder was surprised to see that essentially the team on their ST portal will allow resale of tickets at whatever price a ST holder wants to set and they keep 20% of the profit.... It looks like they are tired of seeing resale market profit and want a piece of it.... here are the rules set out from the portal....

Curious as to what people think about this....

uestions & Answers regarding the resale

1. When can I post my tickets for resale?

The Montreal Canadiens will select the games available for resale. The games will become available once the inventory reserved for the public is sold-out. Consequently, it will be impossible to post your tickets for resale before the public on-sale (in September). Once the on-sale has been completed, the Montreal Canadiens will identify the games available for resale.

2. How will I know a game is available for resale?

Once a game is available for resale, the resale icon ( ) will appear next to the game.

3. How much can I sell my tickets for?

You can post your tickets at a price equal to or above the public price at the box office. The public price is higher than the price you pay as a season ticket holder because you have a discount. This minimum price will be indicated before you post your tickets for resale.

4. What amount does the buyer pay?

A service charge of $10 per ticket will be added to your “posting price”. The buyer will also have delivery fees charged to him, depending on the delivery method he chooses. (5$ per order for an E-Ticket or 7$ for postal service or pickup at the box office).

5. When will I be notified that my tickets have been sold?

Once your tickets have been sold, the Montreal Canadiens will send you a confirmation email.

6. Once my tickets are sold, what should I do with my original tickets?

Once the tickets have been sold, the original tickets will no longer be valid and you have the responsibility of destroying them. The Montreal Canadiens will send the buyer new tickets.

7. Can I change my mind or cancel my posting?

Yes. As long as the tickets have not been sold, you may cancel your posting at any time through your online account. However, once the tickets are sold, you cannot change your mind.

8. Can I change my posting price once the tickets are posted?

Yes. To modify the asking price, you must cancel the original posting and create a new one.

9. How long will my offer be posted?

Your posting will remain until 4 hours before the game.

10. What happens if my tickets are not sold?

Your posting will remain until 4 hours before the game. At that time, all remaining postings will be cancelled and removed from the site. The Montreal Canadiens will then send an email notifying you that the posting has been cancelled. Therefore, your original tickets will be valid and you may attend the game.

11. How is my credit detailed?

The season ticket holder will get back 100% of the price he paid plus 80% of the surplus (after taxes). For example, a ticket bought at $100 (taxes included) and resold at $150 (taxes included), the season ticket holder will receive $135.11 (initial $100 + $35.11 of surplus).

12. How can I receive my credit?

After each sale, a credit will be deposited in your season ticket account. You can always check your credit on your online account. Your accumulated credit may be used for future purchases (playoff tickets and renewal). You can also ask for a cheque twice during the season (December and April). Therefore, the check will be made out to the name of the season ticket holder only.

13. Is there a limit of tickets I can resell?

You have the right to sell half of your season tickets. For example, if you hold 1 pair of tickets (46 games x 2 tickets = 92 tickets) you may sell a maximum of 46 tickets throughout the season.

The Montreal Canadiens reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the resale of tickets at any time without warning.

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