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12-12-2003, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
To answer your first question, it's the former. I play in a pretty competitive fantasy keeper baseball league, so to do well, you have to know your stuff. And when it comes to young pitchers, I know most of them. As to your second question, this is how it looks

Mussina Schilling
Vazquez Pedro
Brown Lowe
Contreras ???
Wells/Leiber Wakefield

At the top, the Bosox are better, but not by nearly the wide margin that most people think. Most of the guys that are touting the Boston top 2, have never seen VAsquez pitch or have not heard much about him. He can be EVERY BIT as dominant as Pedro. The 'Yanks have proven to have a winning formula against Pedro. Make him pitch more pitched than he wants to. Pedro is flat out incapable of pitching his team to a victory by himself. If the game is kept close, the Yanks usually get to Pedro in the 6th or 7th inning. I'll go to war with Vasquez against ANYONE (Schilling included) in the Boston rotation. Musinna is not slouch and Contrearas will be VERY GOOD starter. He really came on. He did blowup a few times against the Sox, but who didn't? He also owned them a few times with his splitter. After the top 2, I will take the Yankees on every matchup. Even if the 4th pitcher for the Sox turns out to be Washburn.
And this comes from someone that is neither a Yankees or Sox fan.

Schilling is the best big game pitch on either staff.

Schilling gets the edge over Mussina

Pedro is not the Pedro of 95-99, and has durability issues, Vasquez has great talent, but has NEVER pitched in a big game in his life. He's also never pitched in New York before. As of right now he's still unproven it both areas.

Pedro gets an edge over Vasquez

Brown is very similar to Pedro, except even more fragile. If you could guaruntee that Brown would be healthy come October then he would be the Yanks #2 starter. He's a proven big game pitcher.

Contraeas hasn't proven he can start for a full season & Leiber is a major health question mark.

At this point the Red Sox have an advantage in starting pitching, but the Yankees still have Rivera. Call the pitching even.

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