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01-13-2013, 08:30 PM
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Originally Posted by CaptainCally View Post
No there is a few guys that has started to question Kreider actually... nobody thinks he's god. But let's face it when your top scoring players are Kolarik and Newbury you don't expect the other guys to have 100 points each exactly... Look up our AHL team. Does it seem like it's stacked? Quite the opposite...

He will get his chance in the NHL, if he does good he does good. If he plays bad, he needs more developing.

Difference is Kreider is younger and has got way more top potential than Emelin.

I don't care anymore you're just a blinded fanboy trolling in this thread. Have a nice day!

haha, so when i use your argument against you i'm a blinded fanboy. You don't see the hype in Emelin. That's fine. I don't see the hype in Kreider due to his lacklustre (and i mean dismal) production in the AHL and that is equally fine. The point is that points don't always tell the story. You can't have it both ways.

I see potential in Emelin with more time to adjust to NA hockey and will over look the stat-sheet in his first season. You see potential in Kreider due to his clutch goal scoring for the NYR and overlook his dismal production in the AHL.

Logic sucks don't it?

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