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01-13-2013, 10:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Leo Getz View Post
Not this garbage again. Wasn't for it last season, am not for it this season. Going to cheer for the habs to win each and every game.
Nobody is suggesting that we root for the team to lose. Stop being silly.

Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
Statistically, at this time, we have 1 chance out of 30 to win the cup.
No we don't. Not all teams are created equally and if you don't understand this it explains why you don't understand what's actually being discussed here.

Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
And it almost doubles if we can make it to the playoffs. And you never know what happens in the playoffs. The best team on paper is not always the team that will come out as winners.
Yeah, right...

Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
How can you wish the Habs to suck, miss the playoffs even before the season starts.
Nobody said they did. We said they should rebuild and deal away vets for prospects. If we sink in the standings... so be it.
Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
Are you telling me the Oilers and Islanders are front runners for the cup in the upcoming years because they are tanking every year?
The Oilers will probably have a better team than we will... and that could be as soon as this year. That's what happened with other rebuilding clubs that have leapfrogged us over the years including Pittsburgh, LA and Chicago.
Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
There's way more than 5 good players each year to draft. A team that drafts, manages, develops well can be successful too.
Sure. But drafting high consistently usually results in finding a superstar. Superstars lead to cups. Having one doesn't mean you'll win a cup. But if you don't have one, it's next to impossible to win.

Notice that we haven't had a true superstar in the past two decades. Notice also that we haven't drafted high in the past three decades. Notice that we haven't won any cups in two decades and that we've usually been treading water.

Originally Posted by shutehinside View Post
I wouldn't root for a team that tried to intentionally lose for any reason.
Good for you. What does that have to do with anything?

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