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01-13-2013, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by English stars fan View Post
Here's my view, as a Stars fan:

Benn is the better player now, simply because he's more mature as a player. There have been times already that he's carried the Stars on his back. He plays a great physical all round game, plays the toughest situations and has PPG potential. Maybe he'll hit 90 once or twice in his career. Maybe.

Nuge had a great debut season, no-one can deny that. His offensive instincts are better than Benn's and he'll get better and better as he matures. No doubt he'll score buckets of points as well with that Edmonton top 6. He should, if he reaches his potential, be a regular 90-120 point guy. Maybe he hits Giroux/Stamkos level but it's way too early to tell.

Summary, Nuge has a higher ceiling but is less physically mature. Benn is the better player now (not by much at all though) and in 2 years time there's a 99% chance that Nuge has surpassed Benn (though not in the pugilistic fashion)
I think this is a quality post and assessment. Obviously Benn will always have a major physical edge, as you can't teach size (though I do believe The Nuge gets everything out of his slight frame when engaging opponents).

In terms of defensive play, I think the Nuge may be harder to assess because its his reads that take away lanes/open opponents vs Benn containing and winning physical battles along the boards. One is more noticeable, but both are equally effective.

As for offence, I think the numbers could get a little tilted in the coming years. We had the 3rd best PP last year with The Nuge as an 18yr old and his RHD triggerman the mediocre Corey Potter. A year older and wiser and a phenom like Schultz pulling the trigger and I fully expect to have the number one PP in the league.

Both players are great but get it done in different ways. Both teams are happy with their respective star. Not sure why things need to get to extremes with some posters.

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