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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
Perhaps I'm being overly pessimistic, but I can't shake the feeling that things are off to a terrible start this year.

Cole is unhappy, allegedly considering retirement...I worry about him mailing in the season.

One of our top prospects in Leblanc is apparently being bullied and tormented to the point of having a fractured psyche in Hamilton.

One of the main pieces of our core hasn't signed yet and there are all kinds of rumours of him being disliked by the team (which I don't fully buy, but I don't like to hear about it).

Gomez being sent home...Yes most fans are happy about it, but Gomez was very well liked in the room and had a lot of friends. I'm sure most realize that it's business but I'm betting they aren't thrilled with how it went down.

Honestly, things look to be headed south. For the best I guess, I mean at this point I prefer if they tank and get a Seth Jones or a Drouin/McKinnon, but the "fan" in me hates to see the team lose.

In some ways I feel we are seeing the beginning of the end of this current "era" of the Habs. The era of Gionta-Gomez-Plekanec-Markov... The new era will soon begin centred around Price, Pacioretty, Subban and (hopefully) Galchenyuk.

Regardless of how you feel about individual players, it makes me sad to see the cracks beginning to form in the foundation of this team. It will all be for the best, I'm sure, but I hate seeing it anyways.

And honestly...It'll probably get pretty ugly over the next 2 years.
two reactions:

- just win baby.

Montreal is a results-based hockey/media market. If the team wins, things will be overly positive, if the team sucks, it will be overly negative.

Nothing new here. i don't think the potential negative impact of this year's team being bad will be any worse than last season, or previous years. Really, we can't do much worse than last year, and we did it with an angle coach and a GM who wasn't particularly interested in making friends with the media or the fan base.

Bergevin seems both more saavy in that regard, and more likeable overall... add in a french canadian coach, and i think that even if the team stumbles, the public/media reaction will be softer than last year.

- tells us something we don't know.

we just came off of the worst season in modern franchise history... and our off-season moves consist of (finally) benching our cap nightmare, signing a few bottom-6 role players, playing contract chicken with our best D-man, and bringing in a new coach who won't get a regular training camp to help with the familiarization of the players to a new system.

expectations should be about as low as they come.... they won't be, because this is montreal, but realistically it would be pretty difficult for this team to underachieve.

hopefully, the franco-additions at various management/coaching levels, coupled with the brutally bad year last year, will give us all a bit of reprieve from the over-the-top emotional reactions to another non-playoff season.

and maybe, just maybe, with the quirkiness of a shortened season, our team will find a way to put together 1-2 hot streaks enough to get into the playoffs... that alone should be enough to be considered a successful year one for the new direction, and give us all a season we can enjoy.

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Not sure I agree with this right here. The only thing the habs need to really improve is their winger depth (I'm saying this with respect to having a stable team again in the short term, there is still a lot of work to be done), whether it is through the draft, via trade or UFA. I like and am comfortable with the depth on defense in the prospect pool (Tinordi, Ellis, Beaulieu Pateryn...though Patty is more of a long shot than the former 3). Our current D has okay d-men but they don't mesh well as a unit because they're all the same.

I'm also comfortable with the centre depth with Desharnais, Plekanec, Eller and especially if Galchenyuk develops the way we expect.

This year our team is crap on paper and will probably be crap. There's a lot of work to do, but I don't think the next two years will be hell. Like I said, the winger depth is abysmal. We have Pacioretty, that's it. The rest are older declining vets: Gionta, Cole, Bourque. Maybe a Kristo surprises us next year? Even so, a lot of work is needed on the wings.
Andy I do not get you...

seems like you love nothing more to argue relentlessly that previous management was not "that" bad..."
and yet here you flat out state that "this year our team is crap on paper and will probably be crap"?

would a good (or even average) management team put together a crap team? (while benefiting from solid drafting, and years of cap ceiling spending?)

MB hasn't added much to the team this year, but aside from Gomez (and Darche), he hasn't gotten rid of anything he inherited.

Gainey/Gauthier built this "crap on paper" team... and they did so despite having some of the best resources available to them compared to their peers ($$, draft/scouting team strength, organizational/legacy appeal).

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