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01-13-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Some Hopes , expectations, and Predictions for this year.


Schenn becomes a legit top 4 Dman capable of playing up to 25 min a game if need be and shutting opponents down.

Couturier, is able to show some of his talented offensive game some this year and is not entirely looked upon to fulfill a defensive role.

B. Schenn. Becomes a point producer for us. We need his offense.


This year I have no expectations for us, last year was a surprise and this year will be a surprise if we do as well as we did last year. We are a less talented team than last year and I have no illusions of coming out of the East this year. I think if our Young guys can step it up some we can show we will be a force in the future but that is it.


I think we are going to get off to a slow start and Its going to be difficult for us to recover. There are many improved teams in the East this year and I think we will either miss the playoffs entirely or get a 7-8 seed.

I actually hope we are out of the playoff hunt by the time the trade deadline comes around. We have some pieces that would be be prime trade candidates such as Kimmo and maybe even Briere.

I do feel that Kimmo could really be dealt at the deadline as a way of giving him one last chance to win a stanley cup. Many teams will be in the hunt for the playoffs and i expect us to get very good value for him or anyone else we trade.

Beyond this season.....

The CBA makes for some very interesting possibilities in the future. When you look around the league at who could possibly be amnestied it presents some intriguing scenarios going forward.

Just off the top of my head I see many talented players who could be considered for the amnesty.

Brian Campbell

There will be a bevy of talent available and these players may consider taking less money for a shot at the cup.

I also think that Bryz has to be amnestied. Simply because of his age and contract length. Even if he puts together a couple of good seasons the flyers will probably be forced to amnesty him.
i can easily see your hopes happening.

I dont think last year was all that surprising.

I do think this is going to be a bit of a down year, havent addressed the d enough, injuries and ?s there. I wouldnt mind trading 48 or 44 to give them better chances and restock our roster a bit.

Who knows with the amnesty stuff. We are pretty set at fwd for the next 2 years, dont see offensive guys coming in.

I woudnt mind bowmeester..but not at the current $.

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