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01-13-2013, 10:01 PM
Damnit, Jian Yang!
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So, I had my first ever Roller Hockey game tonight.

We lost in an OT Shootout. In our league if we reach OT you go a 5-on-5 Shootout, if you're tied at the end of that shootout you are then in Sudden Death shootout where next goal wins (no matter what, other team doesn't get a chance to match if they normally would have).

We went all through the first 5 guys, of which I was not apart of, I was the 1st up in the Sudden Death shootout, puck rolled right off my stick on my shot and I ended up crashing into the goalie and falling onto him...not my best moment.

Then we went through everyone AGAIN, and we're still tied. Then we went through our first 4 shooters, and missed, their 4th shooter made it.

I felt that I was playing well overall, making a couple of nice defensive plays, and then with about 5 min left in the game, with the game tied, I committed a HORRENDOUS turnover and the other team scored. I was absolutely furious with myself. I was at about center rink, and the defensemen makes a nice pass to me, but I missed the puck, and it bounced off my skate and to the opposing team and they skated in and scored. I was absolutely devastated.

Now. I'm going to need some opinions here. I thought I should have been credited with an Assist in the game that made it a 1 goal game for us, I somehow got the puck in front of the goalie, but I had a player on the side of the net with much better hands than I, as well as having a much better shot.

I pass it to him, and he shoots, the goalie makes the initial save but leaves a juicy rebound, and the guy shoots it again and scores. I wasn't credited with an Assist on it, and maybe I shouldn't have been...either way, I felt I made a nice play to help get a goal.

Overall, I had a blast, we have a bye week next week and then we're back at it. I can't wait for our 2nd game, even though I'm painfully outmatched, I just want to keep playing and keep getting better.

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