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C Olli Jokinen: Best hockey player on the interweb


Even Strength and PP Production
2007 8215.26 1.73 1622 3.60 4.88 1815 341 11.0
2008 7613.98 1.81 1817 3.82 3.93 0911 236 08.1
2009 8214.31 1.69 1223 2.64 3.33 0312 236 11.0
2010 7913.90 1.75 1223 2.95 5.15 0514 208 08.2
2011 8214.63 1.80 1423 3.02 5.82 0915 223 10.3
I'll give you three guesses to figure out where this guy makes his milk and honey... and two don't count. Need a hint? Two initials, one is a P and the other is a P.
Yet again, someone who was being proclaimed as regressing, when in actuality was pretty much plateauing but it was more ice-time (especially PP) that caused the major differences.

Even Strength Advance Stats
2007 0.349 49.9 1.1-02.25 0.77 0.72 1.73
2008 0.442 55.8 1.1-02.99 0.96 0.62 1.81
2009 0.586 51.8 5.9 04.91 0.51 0.61 1.69
2010 1.006 52.9 -6.9-00.82 0.66 0.55 1.75
2011 2.056 47.9 -6.3-10.25 0.65 0.75 1.80
I'm going to skip the normal formatting because I feel kind of lazy... Instead of going year by year, I'll show how he fits in with the Jets.
As you can see here, Jokinen has steadily faced tougher and tougher competition. In fact, last season Jokinen had the second highest RelQoC and the leagues highest CorsiQoC (both are measures of competition levels but one uses opponents RelCorsi and the other uses the opponents raw Corsi... if you need more information feel free to ask). For the most part he was placed into the offensive zone, except for in 2011 where Sutter placed Jokinen in a defensive role with OZS similar to Hainsey.
Looking at his possession stats, you can see it wasn't exactly pretty, as Jokinen was being fairly out-chanced by his competition (although by about half the degree as GST) which isn't unusual for Jokinen except in 2009. Jokinen is a solid ES scorer but his real scoring punch comes from the PP. Jokinen's 5v5 1.80 P/60 would have placed him 4th in scoring rates behind Kane, Wellwood and Wheeler, and right before Ladd. His goal scoring would have been 8th but his assists' rate is only less than Wheeler. Relative to our regular power players' production (ignoring Stapleton who was at the point), Jokinen would have led us in goals (just beating Little by 0.01), primary assists and points.
Dependent on usage, I could see similar competition as 2008, OZS of 2009 and hopefully better possession numbers being on the best FenwickClose team he's been on yet (will go over this on team analysis).

I don't expect Jokinen to become a great 2-way centre (Datsyuk, Kopitar, etc) like Sutter was trying to accomplish, but I expect someone who is not a defensive liability. I don't expect Jokinen to put up the crazy points like in Florida or attempt to carry the team on his back, but I expect him to be a huge upgrade on Burmistrov in our top6 and Stapleton on our power-play (for forwards who had 30+ games and 1.5mins+ of PP/game, Jokinen comes 15th in scoring).

1-2 Years in the Future
Well Jokinen is only signed for 1 more year, and to be honest I'm hoping he isn't extended due to us having better options... Whether that's Scheifele's and/or Burmistrov's development and/or a nice free agent signing like Zajac or higher/lesser (depending on development of the two previous players). So, this would be just year one. Year two you would shuffle some of the centre's and hopefully be adding one.

1: Kane-Jokinen-Wheeler
2: Ladd-x-Little
3: x-x-x

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