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01-13-2013, 11:25 PM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
First off, you're comparing a player that's playing at College right now to a player that's playing in the AHL... And comprehension isn't my strong point????

Second, who cares? Of course you'd say something like that. Quality of linemates has nothing to do with production since everyone is Wayne Gretzky, right?

Third, quote me on where I said Kreider will achieve "elite" status. I DARE you to find a quote from me. Good luck searching, you can come back to me in the afterlife when our corpses are rotting. It might just take you a while.

I mean the irony is just killing me here. All you're doing is just twisting things to suit whatever argument you think that you have, but ignoring the main point at hand. Which is the comparison of their stats in their respective years in College. Kreider played 3 years at BC. Kristo in his 3rd, while Kreider is playing in the AHL, yet you're going off about a 1.5 point per game average in the NCAA while Kreider is trash because he only put up a point per game while playing lesser minutes on a team that was more balanced.

You know absolutely NOHTING about the NCAA. Stop posting as if you have a clue about it. You do nothing but read stats off of hockey DB, which anyone can do. Start watching UND before you make such absurd statements.

All you are making up is excuses. Kreider was a pt/game player in college. Kristo is a 1.5pt/game player in college now and last season was a pt/game player. Does that mean that Kristo is a star in the making? Hell no. The same stands for Kreider. Who they played with is irrelevant. Both have (and had) good teammates. Your argument that Kreider had no one to play with is sour grapes. Excuses. Garbage!

Now fast forward to today. Kreider is a total disappointment in the AHL as per his production. All he has to his resume is a pt/game season in college which many many many many players have achieved. He scored some GWG's in the playoffs yet managed less than 0.5pt/game in the NHL. Not exactly stellar numbers.

Yet, Ranger fans overhype him. Why do they hype him? I suppose i can see some positives in his game. Similar positives to Emelin's game.

The whole point of the debate was that certain NYR fans (including yourself) are making disparaging remarks about Emelin and discounting his potential. You claim that Habs fans are over-hyping him. Here's a quote for you: "I don't see the hype". Well the argument i am making is that many could say the same for Kreider for all the reasons i have provided. It goes beyond stats.

Your ignorance of Emelin is illustrated by the same ignorance i am showing Kreider (on purpose). Neither have proven a thing in the NHL. But Emelin was a KHL all-star in his last season in the KHL. He is adjusting to NA hockey. That adjustment should have happened years ago but he chose to remain in the KHL.

So wise up there sparky. Try and follow the logic. Stop making excuses. Use your head!

Now this is a final goodnight! LOL

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