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Originally Posted by RoninNYR View Post
Trying to keep it as paleo as possible I have found it hard to not eat whole wheat or multi grain pasta ~24 hours before... can anyone help me find a substitute?

For after I make a high quality protein shake (says organic and all natural but it's probably b.s.), Banana, coconut milk and H20.

I know the after thing works because I can play 3 nights in a row and be good.. (again assuming i'm eating more pasta than I want to be).

If i don't have that shake or miss one component even back to back games can be rough.
I try to eat organic and gluten free and I work out 5-7 days a week.
My pre gym meal is usually an egg, half a cup-ish of beans w/ plenty of spinach and/or beats. Good balance of protein and carbs
Beats are one ofthe best natural sources for getting nitric oxide, spinach aids in muscle function as well, not a myth.

For best muscle growth and repair it's best to drink your protein shake right after working out and then eating some quality meat 1-2 hours afterward, beef does have the best source of creatine. I use plant based protein for my shakes, usually mix w/ almond milk and tastes great. Will never use whey or soy protein myself, learned that the hard way.
Also if something is certified organic you can rest assured it is, it is an absolute ****** to get certified from what I understand.
edit:sorry beets, not beats; but some good beats can get me going too!

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