Thread: Value of: Alexei Emelin to NYR
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01-13-2013, 10:40 PM
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FanHabtic, if you go back and read through everything, the only reason I started posting in here was because of your ridiculously misguided opinion about McIlrath and how he's the biggest bust ever at 20-21 years old.

I haven't mentioned Emelin's name ONCE in any of my posts. Great job though, making up some ******** about McIlrath and Kreider and then making up some more ******** about me trashing Emelin when I might be the only Ranger fan on here that hasn't mentioned his name until now.

If there was an award for shoving your foot in your own mouth and eating it, you'd have won it. But there's not. There's just you, in your rambling incoherent shame, making up crap about me saying things about a player who I really didn't give two ***** about either way.

Good for you, pal.

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