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01-13-2013, 11:30 PM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
To be honest with you if it was my choice id be all over sending nolon to you for leopold. I 'm not as in love with him as the rest of my fellow kings fan. Also with getting stewart today i think he would be decent enuff replacement. In my kings roster Nolon would be sent down cause he doesnt have to clear waivers. Unfortunately most king fans are in love with him and think hes the answer to the 4th line rw, Also they seem to love his "tuffness"

I honestly dont see Lokti as the scraps your fans seem to think he is. As i ve stated above he makes more teams in the nhl then not. Hes stuck behind the kings centers which is why hes not in the nhl. Brad Richardson is a jack of all trades and defensively a good player to add for a teams pk. The one thing you need to remember is la is a defense frist team and that style of play is going to restrict your points as a player. Richardson has played on the frist line at times and really didnt look out of place. He has a lot of speed imo that would be missed if he left la.
wow, that's quite a bit of praise you are giving to a guy you want to trade... hmmm i wonder why.... maybe because you are trying to trade a 4th liner for a top 4 2 way defensemen

here, let me tell you all the great qualities Mike Weber has, then i can add in Luke Adam and a pick, and you'll give me Justin Williams right?


Pardy for Richardson

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