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Originally Posted by bsl View Post
I'll try to explain this, again:

'Tanking' is not done by players on the ice, and no one on this board who thinks we need a couple of high draft picks (THE HORROR!) has ever suggested that the players don't play as hard as they can, and that the coach does not make every effort to win with the players he has.

'Tanking' is done by management, with a view to improving the team over a 1-2 year period. It has nothing to do with game to game play. It means understanding by management that the team in its current form is not good enough, and using the draft to try to improve the team.

It means accepting a poor finish in order to draft in higher position, and not wasting youth and valuable picks in desperate trades to scrape into the playoffs with a bad team, year after year, while never drafting higher than 10th overall. It does not mean asking the team to lose.

Do you get it? How many times do we have to say this, for how many years, before people here get this? Is the evidence not starting to appear?

Do you Like Galchenyuk?

That was 'Tanking'. That was 100% pure 'Tanking'.

Here's an idea: If you don't agree with my post, than you can also not ever say how much you love Galchenyuk. Do you agree? Do you agree to never ever admire Galchenyuk and how happy you are he plays for the Habs?

If you don't agree, than please don't post the likes of above again. One year of argument , and now solid evidence, should have been enough.
You're not fooling anyone. Your post is a deliberate manipulation of language and your boldfaced challenge is an outrage. You equate not trading prospects for veterans with tanking? Even prime contenders sometimes do it when they think it would enhance their chances of winning. Tanking would be doing the exact opposite: trading some of your best veterans for prospects and especially draft picks when you don't have to. Trading Plekanec for draft picks even before the season begins would be tanking. Finishing 28th last season was not Gauthier's strategy at the outset even though it happened to bring in Galchenyuk as a side effect. If that was tanking, then Gauthier should be commended. I any team might be condemned for tank, it would be the Oilers, who should have finished higher with that roster.

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