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01-14-2013, 01:24 AM
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Originally Posted by thefifagod View Post
That's the most absurd standard ever. Mark Sanchez beat the Pats in the playoffs and multiple times over the last 3 seasons, is he an upgrade? Is Kevin Kolb an upgrade? Two years ago, Colt McCoy beat the Pats by 20, is he an upgrade? Oh, and Fitz did beat NE last season. There are 20+ QBs who'd be an upgrade, the majority of which haven't beat NE. The difference between Flacco and Fitz is that Flacco can throw a deep ball; he's been in the top 5 in completion passes on passes over 20 yards the last 3 seasons. He's extremely inconsistent and seemingly regressed this year but he'd be an upgrade. It's irrelevant anyways because he's not leaving Baltimore. And he did beat NE in the playoffs last year and outplayed Tom Brady, Lee Evans and then Billy Cundiff just gave it away.
While I agree it doesn't make these guys better than Fitz(I actually think Kolb could be an OK QB.)I do think beating NE or having the capability of any potential QB signing from around the league is important. It's a division opponent you play twice. You have to beat them atleast once if you are serious about the playoffs. A rookie QB likely loses twice. Its too bad Kaepernick isn't leaving SF anytime soon now.

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