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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
Cool story about Gomez. I went to Weinstein & Gavino's one evening after the 09-10 playoff run and the whole team was there eating dinner. I got up and spoke to quite a few players, everyone gave the you know "thanks" and cliched answers you would give to fans, but Gomez actually was like "hey man, thanks for that, sucks that we lost, would you like to have a beer or something?" I said "no", but he insisted and said "yeah, take one." Gomez was just genuinely a nice guy. I didn't accept the beer and sat down because I didn't want to disturb while they were all together. When i sat back down I couldn't help but keep watching them as I ate, but every singe time a fan went over to speak to them, Gomez always gave them the time of day, he would chat it up, while all the other players would acknowledge and then brush away.

Anyway, thought I'd share.
This is (the above post) one example of why I love HF.
Thanks for sharing .
I actually don't like bother ing players if I ever see them in person 'cause I know some of them could think ''oh ****, not another fan who wants my time''. Of course some (a few) like Gomez are genuinely friendly.

Anybody else there at that supper that was semi-friendly at least?! (Gorges? Subban?). It really seems like there aren't many that are genuinely friendly like Gomez on the Habs or in the NHL (genuine/humble/very likeable guy). Too many NHL players don't realize that their million$ come from fans. I remember Komisarek in person...he was the biggest **** of 'em all. He had this very sour look on his face like fans were bothering him just by being there and clapping/cheering the Habs on before getting on the bus (before playing the Bruins in playoffs). Met Brian Savage once...super friendly. Darcy Tucker was also very friendly. If I go up to a player...I usually just say a quick hi, shake hands, and leave (ex: Corson)...but sometimes a player would make me stay to talk more, so I do...but it's rare (I don't like bothering players anyway...since not many are genuinely friendly like Gomez....most NHL palyers don't want to hang out with dull normals/not millionaires! just kidding of course! just bitter post-lockout talk!).

I think I'd be like Gomez (personality) if I were a hockey player...and not a big ***-whole like Komisarek (Komisarek is so lucky to be making given by fans...since he has been terrible for 3+ seasons now...he should rot in the AHL...Leafs should buy him out).

I really really don't believe Gomez was just showing up for his paycheck. After all...played for Alaska (ECHL?) several times even though he could have been seriously injured and not collect his salary. He does love playing hockey and he gives back to his Alaska community (he;s not just a spoiled snobby millionaire who thinks he's above everyone because he's rich).

Some will hate me but I will miss Gomez's demeanor (really wished he found his game last season).

Gomez was the most liked player in the dressing room imo.
Everyone I spoke to who met him told me he always smiling/friendly and humble...and also treated everyone to drinks, meals,etc... he wasn't a cheap *** like so many NHL palyers. I don't hear this about other super rich players on our Habs. It was always Gomez that treated his teammates on a regular basis and this is from 15-20 people now.

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