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Originally Posted by Rinzler View Post
Look, the longer a team is a contender, the weaker their prospect pool is going to be. It's the way it works (with Detroit being the exception). Crap teams like mine stockpile young players while cup contenders stockpile veterans.

If the Leafs were a Cup contender (yeah who's kidding who right?) then my expectation is that my GM is not hanging on to 19 year olds who might be a 2nd line Center 5 years from now when my star players are retired. I want my GM to send that kid to a bottom feeder for a early to mid 30's player who might be the missing piece to winning the cup.

That is the point isn't it?

As far as Lu goes, I think the situation around him is really the problem here. I don't need to re-iterate why his return is going to be so low, I am not going to say anything that hasn't already been said. All I will say that it will have nothing to do with his skill, which is fantastic.
What about Pittsburgh? They've been contending as long as we have, actually longer, and their prospect pool seems at least passable, even with out bombing since Crosby and Malkin were drafted. On the other side, what about Columbus? Their prospects aren't spectacular for a team that's been so low for so long, or Winnipeg as well. I don't mean to say they are "poor", but outside of a few key players, it's not spectacular on either front either.

At the same time, Gillis throws around the words "perennial" and "contender" around a lot. With the exception of Hodgson, who apparently had some ill feelings on either side here, we are getting decent players at the top end of our prospect pool that are expected to contribute eventually, say in the few years our stars and core start to cool off. We've seen the "trade our youth for rentals" thing with Burke, it doesn't end well. This is why I think Leafs and Canucks fans need to hope their teams find other teams to deal with, we're not a good match at all.

His contract is a negative, but you can't honestly expect a perfect fit, can you? There isn't a 25 year old (ish) player that has already been a starter with the same kind of career numbers Luongo has that is being shopped. That simply doesn't happen. Luongo is available now, and the reason we're at each others throats is we can't decide how much of a negative his contract is.

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