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01-14-2013, 03:22 AM
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Originally Posted by sba View Post
What has either team done lately to not deserve the cynicism??

The Bills are a 13 year old tire fire that are incompetently run.

And the Sabres are a boring mediocre team with a hockey department that is scared to try different things. Although, I think that is improving slightly.
There's a difference between cynicism reflecting reality and cynicism dictating reality. Sullivan projects incompetence onto things rather than finding it where it be. This article is a clear example; the Hecht signing was necessary (if not him then a similar player of a similar value), yet signing Hecht to Sullivan was a terrible idea that will has already doomed Grigorenko's roster spot (which he never had to lose yet). He hasn't seen Grigorenko play with these guys or against men (and probably almost not at all in general), yet he declares him ready and already insinuates that not only will it be the wrong decision if he doesn't stick (which is BS prognosticating conjecture), but what will have drove that decision: Lindy Ruff preferring 'grinders' (lol) + the signing of Hecht (lol).

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