Thread: Injury Report: Patrick Eaves - Cleared to Play
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01-14-2013, 04:34 AM
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Ah, there was also topic for Eaves.

From another:

What was interesting studying those corsi-statistics. Eaves was our only forward that didn't draw a single penalty at last season. That imo tells about how he avoids contact. Penalties come from contact. He passes the puck away immediately when somebody is near, so those penalties can't happen. Only other player who had zero drawed penalties was Lidström.

I'm also quite sure, that Eaves is done as a penalty killer. Just too big risk there to go block shots and get another hit on the head. So where do we use him? If he doesn't PP or PK, I'd rather use Tootoo always before him, who dosn't PP or PK either, but is that opposite cannonball, gritty, nasty and fights some day.

So let's go forward and start using other guys. LTIR or compliance buyout, either one doesn't affect our cap, I'm fine with those. Too bad it went this way. **** happens. Healthy life after hockey is most important for Eaves.

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