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01-14-2013, 04:48 AM
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Originally Posted by vcv View Post
Why the emphasis on a signature move? Is that what will make the team into an actual contender on a consistent basis? No.

While I don't think he's done a perfect job, I like that he's focusing on the big picture and the long game a lot. He's aiming to change the culture inside and out. That can't be done with just a trade or GM/Coach.

Besides, you don't go for the home runs unless it gives you a really good chance AND you can recover from it if it fails. This team isn't there yet and it might take longer than most fans want to wait.
Building on this:

People point to the Wings as the model for teams. Detroit took 13 years from drafting Yzerman to get to their first Cup win in decades. Their "culture of winning" took a great deal of floundering after Illitch took over -- they were trying to reverse a decade of incompetience the level of which Buffalo has never experienced. Putting the hockey department back in order, putting in ammenities and treating his staff well will take years to reverse some of the stigma 15-ish years of miserly treatment at the hands of various owners.

As for most "signature moves" in terms of personnel, there is having the talent to make the deal and someone having a need elsewhere to make such a deal. And there is also the risk appetite for the GM to pull of a re-defining trade. They don't yet have the talent, nor do they seem to have a GM with risk appetite, so even if they can find someone who may want to make a deal, it may not matter.

Originally Posted by Rob Paxon View Post
I just remembered that whole 'signature move' thing from WGR and puked in my mouth. Pegula's signature move won't have anything to do with the roster because that's silly. His signature moves: buying the Amerks, arena renovations, buying the adjacent lot, opening up the purse strings for hockey operations.
I was thinking his signature move was buying the team too.

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