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01-14-2013, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Cole signed a contract for $X.
He's getting less than $X now that the new CBA is in effect.

He's got a right to talk about the unfairness of that.
Well if Cole is absolutely entitled to talk about retiring which would mean, not being able to complete a 4-year contract, well a new CBA, that HAD to be done, had a chance to somewhat modify the contracts also already in place.

There are no laws that doesn't permit a new CBA to affect the existing contracts. Like there are no laws that doesn't permit a player to retire even if he has a contract. If we can't blame Cole for wanting to retire...why blame the CBA for modifying contracts then? It was ratified by his association, accepted by 98% of its members. Shuck it up Cole and move on. You still will be able to live a decent life. You want to retire? Fine. Do it in a fashion that won't affect the team that permitted you to whine about the money you'd lose over that fine contract. Give your team to chance to trade you near your home if that's what you want. Whining publicly like that won't help your team.

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