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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
We've had twenty years of losing and obscurity. Have you not noticed?

I'll watch no matter what. So will you. We just came off our worst season ever and folks are excited about Galchenyuk... nobody is going away and a couple of years in the basement (if it happened) isn't going to change this.

Three or four years from now are you going to remember the losing season we had to get him? Do you think last season will have been worth it if the guy becomes a star or leads us to a cup?

Be honest.

Losing is not the same thing as rebuilding. The Islanders lost for years and traded away tons of future stars in the name of the quick fix, ditto with Toronto. Over the years those two clubs have dealt away picks and prospects that have turned into superstars...

I'm saying we should do the opposite of those teams and rebuild. And it makes sense to rebuild esp with our fanbase, economics and scouting resources.

Maybe we will win now. Nobody is suggesting we try to lose.

I'm just saying that we deal away teh vets and try to rebuild.
If the club wins... great. But let's not have any more stupid quick fix trades (like picking up Kaberle) to try to get into 8th place. Those moves do nothing to get us a cup and actually put us further away from a championship.

Rebuild, let the chips fall where they may and let the coaches and players play as hard as they can. But make deals that benefit the team long term. That's the key. We haven't done nearly enough of this and it's hurt us.

We've done it once in recent memory and it landed us a pick that turned into Max Paccioretty. All I'm saying is we should try to make more of those kinds of deals.
Trading away all the talent in an effort to surgically tank is pretty much the definition of trying to lose. I'm all for good asset management but that doesn't mean always sacrificing the present for the future. We can rebuild without intentionally losing...intentionally losing and doing a fire-sale for draft picks just takes alot of the guess work out of it, although it is still no guaranteed plan for winning.

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