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Originally Posted by shureshot66 View Post
So Dejan has a feature on Despres up on the web.

And while I agree with the premise that the guy is probably a long shot to start the year with the big club because of the waiver eligibility situation, I'm still pretty confused how he went from this at the start of the week: this today:

Well it sure as hell couldn't have been "by all accounts" if just a few days ago Dejan reported that Despres was still being slagged for his dedication. If there was some confusion or misunderstanding between him and sources, it would be nice for him to come out and say that to clear it up. Frankly there's a very important difference on whether the criticism of Despres was based on last year, this year or both. Because it raises some troubling red flags about the kid if it's either of those last two.

Maybe I'm missing something here. It's not like it's a huge deal in the long run. But it's a confusing situation.
I called out that initial report as BS a couple of days ago. Then suddenly Despres was in camp, even though he wasn't suppose to be invited. Now he contradicts himself?

Despres was playing well up until his injury, much better than he did last year before his call up. Why exactly would the Pen's brass be upset with him showing marked improvements?

Again, it didn't make sense when I read the quote and Despres being invited to camp tells me there is something off about this "report".


Dupuis even says how hard Despres worked out with him all Summer:

“Simon‘s always been one of those guys who was so gifted, always the top guy, even without working for it,” right winger Pascal Dupuis said. “It probably surprised him how guys here are all fast, all skilled, all big ... but they also work hard in the gym and do the right things off the ice. I think Simon sees that.”
Dupuis made sure of it. Those two partnered in workouts last summer in Quebec, waking each day at 7:15 a.m. and putting in long, hard hours until, as Dupuis described it with a grin, “His shirt was soaked, you know?”
Worked out hard with Dupuis this Summer, played well in the A, got invited to camp....

Evidence adds up to a BS report.

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