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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
Leaf fan here.

My opinion on most prospects is that it can't hurt them to spend an extra year in junior, but it can hurt them to rush them.

Buffalo obviously isn't going to contend for the SC this year, it's kind of a transition season. I don't see why he should be rushed up. He's having a pretty dominant season right now, I think it'd be good for him to continue to do so and (hopefully) dominate the playoffs. NHL training camp can provide good exposure, and being "cut" from the team can also light a fire under him going into next year.

They can also point out specific parts of his game that they want him to work on, which is much easier to do and adjust at the junior level than in your rookie season as a 18 year old.

Grigorenko might end up being a ridiculous steal. Hodgson+Grig+Girgensons+Ott looks like it could be pretty solid longterm, definitely not happy to see it in the division
There's two sides of that argument, though. On the one hand, there's "Why burn a year of his ELC when the team won't be contending?", which is essentially your position. On the other hand, I think the argument could be made that now is precisely the time to break him in and get him used to the NHL, that way he'll have already experienced some of the growing pains when next season starts.

The way I see it is that the growing pains are inevitable, regardless of when he gets his first experience. Most Sabres fans don't have high expectations for the season--best case, IMO, is they finish 6th-8th and they play a tight 1st round series, thereby allowing some of the young guys to get more playoff experience--so why not get him some experience now. And "burning" a year of the ELC isn't as big of a deal now that Pegula is around and Buffalo has the wherewithal to re-sign its own stars.

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