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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Would you rather lose years on end without stockpiling picks?

There are very few options now. We're a bad team -- we were the third worst team in the NHL last year in spite of several things going our way. We're not competing for the cup this year. We're not competing for the cup next year. It's easy to balance the present and the future as the future is all we have.

-I think that we've already talked about this subject, but i'll add something today, its about an underrated aspect of the plan when you're trying to rebuild, and precisely, to stockpile picks, like you said, and like its often recommanded in such a scenario.

Like Krautso said, obviously, you need to sell at a decent price, dealing away veterans that are at the end of the line, sure, but still, you need to find an appropriate return.

Since the lockout, and the sample is quite enough i think, thats eight different drafts, only 8 good picks have been traded in 8 years and 7 trades. Thats one per year. Rebuilding, ok, but lets remember that valuable picks arent traded.

2nd : Kessel
8th : J. Staal, Carter
9th : Kessel, Vokoun
11th : Varlamov, Stewart/Shattenkirk
12th : Penner

Except the trade between Saint-Louis and Columbus (obviously, we cant know what will happen with Staal), every single one of the buyers end up having regrets about the trade he made.

And we have now a new rule with the draft, its probably going to be even harder to grab good picks along the one you may have.

Their value are largely overestimated, because of the potential of the players.
Teams may only have a very slight chance (10% ?) to find a gem past 10-12th spot, but they dont want another team to got it instead of them.
Assuming you're managing (difficult) to have three first rounders in the same year, you're not going to have bonus picks that are better than 20th.
And i think its quite clear that players, for instance, like Plekanec and Markov are better than 90% of the players picked there, even with a scout like Timmins. They'rein fact better than the 20th best player of 90% of the drafts...

For us, its easy to take the decisions, but the people involved are playing with their careers, and the safe route isnt synonymous to scorched earth or playing heads or tails.

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