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01-14-2013, 09:43 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeyYourTheDevils View Post
his shot isn't very hard but he can place it better than any prospect I've seen. He just puts it where the goalie isn't - just look at his 2nd goal against Canada. He just flipped the puck up into the far corner. He loves streaking down the left wing and shooting far side, and it seems like he doesn't miss often. His shot accuracy is insane.
I'm not sure if I like how that translates to the NHL. In minor leagues, that works out alright. But in the NHL, you need brute force to score as well. There are countless defence I can recall that lose their scoring effectiveness in the NHL as goal scorers because they can't shoot hard enough to get the puck by the goalie. I'm worried something similar can happen to Gaudreau, which would kill his scoring talent a bit.

Then again, I could be making a bad comparison too. Defence have to generally shoot from further away, while Gaudreau could still get within the 5-10 foot space that he scores from.

I really hope it works out for Gaudreau (I'd love to see a second Theo sized player succeed in Calgary...well, third, if you count Vernon), but the odds are still stacked against him. He needs to prove his ability at every level up to and including the NHL to establish play on the Flames.

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