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01-14-2013, 08:57 AM
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Minor Meniscus Tear

So I tweaked my knee last week and it sure feels like it's right on the medial meniscus. There's no swelling or issues with mobility, just general soreness with the occasional sharp pain right on the side of the knee. And, although I think I know when it happened, it didn't hurt at the time and I played a couple days of sports afterwards before I started to feel any pain.

I've read lots about it and I know to see a PT/doc, but the one question I have is this: Some of what I've read implies that a minor meniscus tear might not need surgery. That it won't heal but also won't get worse if you continue playing on it. It's just a question of dealing with the pain. And I know a couple guys who have been playing hockey leading up to their surgery.

What's up with that? How does a tear not get worse, even if you're about to get scoped? What level of pain is considered acceptable to play through and what level is not? Is anyone currently playing on a minor meniscus tear?

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