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01-14-2013, 09:22 AM
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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
WHAT THE $&@% IS THIS $#/* ?!??!?

Red. Blacks.

I would not attend a single game, ever, out of embarrassment over having to cheer for a team called "the Red Blacks". Say it out loud... "GO REDBLACKS". What's the short-form for that: "Go Blacks"? "Go Reds"? Yeah. Those are REAL good options there, idiots. It's just the worst thing I've ever heard.
Like ... I can't even think of a witty response to this. I want to post something funny, but there is nothing funny about "Red Blacks".

That name is about as appropriate as someone making a "cancer joke" in an oncologist's office. It's just awkward, and terrible, and whoever thought of it needs to be either fired, or punched in the larynx. Or both.
The french translation is even worse.... Rouges Noires

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