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01-14-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Matt4776 View Post
Kreider won't be getting more ice-time than Callahan. More ES time? I see nothing wrong with that.

As we've seen down in HFD, for better or worse, Kreider is largely ineffective when not working with skilled line-mates. Putting him with Boyle and Pyatt would lead to a huge struggle all season long. Despite his body, he is NOT a grind-it-out type of player. He just isn't.

A line of Kreider-Boyle-Pyatt frightens me. They don't play defense well enough for a third line, and they can't score enough consistently to make up for that. If that is our third line for opening night, I will be scared whenever they step on the ice.


Did Kreider earn 2nd line minutes over Cally? Absolutely not. Cally is absolutely the better player at this stage of their careers. It's about roles to me. I also don't want Cally (especially with his playing style) to be playing much more than 20 minutes per game.
Please. Boyle and Pyatt are both solid defensively so if you're concerned about anyone it must be Kreider? I hate the he can't produce without talented linemates bit. So he leeches off of other players abilities? What good is he then if he can't do anything for himself? I know it's not what you mean but it's how it comes across. Let's let them play a game or two before we determine wether or not the lines work.

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