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01-14-2013, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by 7even View Post
His cap hit doesn't really mean jack all when he's a UFA after this season. What's that extra cap going to do anyways? Play backup G? You guys act like cap space is its own statistical category.

Connolly's really not even that bad. He's a decent defensive 3C that can chip in half a point per game. I think he'd be a decent fit in SJS.
How can you say his cap hit doesn't mean anything?

It means that any team that is close to the cap can't take him on, it means that any team that would take him is getting terrible value for their money and they could spend it on a player that would be much more valuable to them.

Who cares about next year, that isn't what this thread is about, it is about who would want him for the rest of this year at his current cap hit.

The Sharks need to add players for the season, Connolly would use up more than half their cap space and would prohibit them from being able to make further moves when the deadline comes unless they are moving salary off of their books as well.

I dobn't see the appeal of an overpaid, oft injured, 3rd liner. $4.75 million could be spent a lot wiser than Connolly.

There is a salary cap and a lot of teams a close to it, sure Phoenix or the Islanders would have no problem fitting that salary but why would they pay to have Connolly on their team? They aren't in the charity business.

The Leafs signed him out of desperation, he didn't work out, he is what he is, and he is highly overpaid and in a capped league that matters.

I bet that if he had more than one year left on his contract he would be one of the first players bought out in the offseason.

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