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01-14-2013, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by AussieFlyersFan View Post
It happens from the moment I lace up my skates, it's a constant pressure that gets worse the longer I'm on the ice.
It sounds like the ankle padding simply isn't the right fit for your foot.

Originally Posted by 97980208 View Post
Well, it's update time:

Today I spent a few hours at the local shop trying on skates. The selection was limited, so I tried some size 8 Reeboks, which were way too big, and some size 7 Bauer Supreme One.20s which were well below what I'm looking for in just about every way. Then I tried some size 7D (called 7R in Japan) One.4s, which felt ok, except my toes were a bit crunched when I stood up (not simply brushing the toe cap). Just for kicks I tried some 6.5EE Supreme One.6s, and, oddly enough, they felt better, and longer than the One.4s, but gave just a bit too much lateral wiggle room at the widest part of my foot. Lastly, I tried on some Vapor X.4s, but didn't like the feel.

So, I'm going to order some Supreme One.6s in a 7D. With what I know from this thread and what I learned today at the shop in relation to my feet, I think the size sevens will be ok (and 7.5s would be too big), and if they're not, then I'll just have to go through the hassle of exchanging them. I'm not overly thrilled with the idea of buying skates online and would have loved to have bought from my local guys, but their supplier had no size sevens available. Ah well, now I'll just have to wait a few weeks for delivery.

One plus is that they are $400 here, but are half that online. After paying for shipping from my parents' place and another $30 for the local guys to bake and sharpen them, I save a little bit.

Aireaye: Any more words of wisdom (or dissuasion) before I place my order?
Not much, I've never bought skates online but just make sure you understand the online store's return policy. I'm glad you are willing to pay up to get them baked and sharpened locally as well. That's important.

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