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01-14-2013, 10:22 AM
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I always thought the Sakic was as you described, it opened up quickly in the mid, not like a toe, more like a Drury that kinked in the middle rather than the heel.

Okay, first game with the BP14 last night.

Shorter blade made for much easier puck handling. Like very quick puck movement through loose pucks in warmups. Although smaller toe makes for harder drags.

Not much difference in terms of blade lie while puck handling vs P92.

Passing seemed a little easier, especially on the backhand. Not sure why. I was able to lift and flip pucks easier than the P92 front and back.

Forehand shots seem to be lower than the P92. Not sure if this is because the flatter lie at the toe makes you cup the puck more. That's my guess since I think it's essentially a P92 that has been shaved down.

But that flatter lie up front seems to help with accuracy for me. The shots I took were much more on target than they have been lately and more predictable.

I think once I get some practice time and dial in my shot, I'm going to like it. Not sure yet if I'm going to want a bit more loft (like a P08). Maybe lower shots would be good for me.

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