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01-14-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
the move reeks of sentimentality. GMGM again trying to prove his choices were correct, 10 years ago.

I honestly dont care that much, but this IS typical George, even if people dont want to see the big picture. Tex did nail that part in the other thread.

George is attempting to replace a 40 goals high cost scorer (Semin) with 2 used/problematic spare parts (Wolski and Fehr). That is George's MO, always has been.

And PLEASE do not tell me Ribeiro was also traded for to replace Semin. We needed a Ribeiro type FOR Semin, not in place of. Semin's 6m in salary has not been filled, and I dont believe it will be either....least not by our current GM.
Not sentimentality.... vanity. Trying to 'unring' the bell.

See where this goes?

GMGM: "If only the situation had not forced my hand, think of what would have happened..."

Bouton talks about things like this in his book "Ball Four"

Bouton: "Just once, I'd like to see a GM apply the argument he makes to players, to himself..."

Fictional GM: "Gee, none of the players I chose did well last year... guess I'm not as good at judging talent as I thought I was. I think I'll take a pay cut, myself."

And no, we'll never live to see that day, Mr. Bouton.

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