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01-14-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Gormley and another asset or two for Ryan O'Reilly is a flame worthy asset? Honest question; did you happen to catch the World Juniors last year, or the last Memorial Cup?

Anyway, here's my reservation with ROR; Joe Sacco versus Dave Tippett. They are basically polar opposite coaches. Look at Peter Mueller for an example. O'Reilly broke out in a huge way last season and is still pretty young, so it would make sense to assume is production will continue to increase. Take him off that squad and out of that system, put him in Phoenix, with the Coyotes, under Tippett and I think you may see a dip.
Sacco had the avs playing a very Phoenix like style last year, and the change came primarily because the avs replaced all of their small offensive defensemen like Shattenkirk, Liles, Cumiskey and Hunwick for big stay at home types like Hejda, O'Byrne and O'Brien. So the team's style changed drastically. For all his stupidity, Sacco has shown he'll adapt to what he's given, and last year that was a gritty team who struggled for goals. Mueller broke out before the change, O'Reilly only after.

That's why I'm confident if he did get traded to Phoenix Radar would continue flourish and grow. He's kinda made to excel for Tippett. Losing Lando would hurt, but as awesome as Gabe is, and he is really awesome, he was still a rookie who didn't start really sniping any goals until the second half of the season, and Radar also spent most of the season with Daniel Winnik, who's a great effort guy and great PKer, but is also where offense and puck possession goes to die.

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