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01-14-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by tv14 View Post
Never been so freaking mad at a game in my life before as I am right now. Honestly, I'd like to know all your guys' secrets. How do you score every shot? Yet I use the same moves. How do you never get penalties? Yet I get multiple per game. How do you guys cream my guys like nothing? Yet I can barely knock a guy off the puck when I'm going full speed? Why does my comp always take my guys out of position leaving you wide open.... I'm not talking to one guy in specific, cause this happens almost every game. Ugghhh. So frustrated.

Case and point. Lost to Florida 13-2 tonight. He scored 11 goals on his first 13 shots. Honestly feel like never playing this game again. If you guys are that much better than me, maybe I should just leave, but in my opinion based purely on skill, I match up decent against most of you.
That just sounds like you have no momentum. It is what makes your guys feel like they are sidney crosby, or like theyre john scott depending how much momentum you have. It also carries game to game based on a winning or losing streak.

Most of all though i think you need to change your strategies. Go into create an AI and build one based on how you play and the players you have. Then go into GM Connected and upload it. I know the feel when your D just like sprint up the ice and give the other team a breakaway. Change your neutral zone settings so its a notch or two to the left (blue) and that should help that.

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