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01-14-2013, 10:57 AM
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Flyers and no close second. Not sure why this is a question in anyone's mind. Even the Rangers and Caps rivalries have cooled off a bit, but they're not close in either case. Nothing matches the history, geography and fan animosity of Pens - Flyers. It is also the best rivalry the NHL has going by a pretty wide margin (TV wise / hype-wise).

There are other great rivalries but casual fans just aren't as into them or as aware of them. Examples: Rags - Caps is an awesome rivalry, as is Bruins - Habs, etc. But the visibility just isn't there on the national scale. Even old rivalries like Chicago - Detroit weren't as big in during the last CBA period. Flyers are not only our biggest rival, it's the biggest rivalry in the NHL. Like the old Detroit - Colorado rivalry but with a lot more staying power because of the history, youth and geography of the teams.

1. Flyers

3. Caps (because of playoff history - we don't have too much lately with Rags)
4. Rags
5. Habs

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