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12-12-2003, 12:09 PM
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Originally Posted by DanKordicsFist
What part am I further from the truth on?
1) The over-generalizations on Devils fans being front runners.
2) The notion that Pat Burns doesn't have any faith in his team. Thats hands down the funniest thing I've read on here in ages. You can't honestly believe this to be true. How exactly do you lose faith overnight in a team that damn near went the entire 2002-2003 season without two consecutive losses and won the grand prize in all of professional hockey? We lost Nieuwendyk, Daneyko, McKenzie, Smehlik, Rheaume, and Tverdovsky prior to this season beginning and this team hasn't missed a single beat to date. Matter of fact they are better defensively with Hale and Martin learning on the job then they were last season. Why would Burns figure all of a sudden there is no hope in Jersey? You have to realize this is a ridiculous claim.
3) The repeated claims that Stevens primarily goes after small players.
4) The notion that Stevens isn't a stand up character guy. I would wager that in the right frame of mind, you would do just about anything in your power to bring in 1/3 the durable proven leader as a Scott Stevens type player to the Flyers if you seriously want to see a championship brought to Philadelphia.

I didn't say the fans were whiners, I explained what it means when a COACH whines about the other team and what the refs "need to do about it". He's trying to gain a cheap edge. He doesn't believe his team can do it on their own. Can you disprove it?
Precisely what part of his statements are false there? Everything he said is absolutely bang on. You see it as whining. I see it as stating the truth. Jeremy Roenick fired the first warning shot over the Devils bow before this series even started complaining about how boring the Devils are. I'd bet just about everything I possess the Devils will make damn certain he eats those words.