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01-14-2013, 11:17 AM
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I will admit NYR fans overhype the kid a bit but analysts and "experts" dont even mention him now for the upcoming 2013 season and that is wrong. Which is a shocker but lets begin where the hype started.

He is extremely young. Currently at 21, 6'3 and 230lbs and having a Gold Medal in the Juniors and a National Championship is all a plus especially since he was coached by the great Jerry York in BC.

You will probably look at his college stats and not be impressed. What you probably dont realize is that Jerry York over at BC doesnt like to play young players, doesnt commonly play sophomores a lot and let alone play rookies.

But Kreider played well and each day he was given more responsibilites. First yearm rookie year 26 points in 40 games. Eh but realize his TOI was limited especially on special teams. The second year everyone thought he would dominate but he got severly injured and missed quite a few weeks. He still managed after recovery to get 24 points in a 32 game season. But now look at his junior year, one of the top classmen and a proven player. Given much more responsibilities and thus gets 45 points in 44 games.

*** Oh yea and dont forget to mention the time he spent playing for USA. solid stats and a great year in 2010 when the USA upset the dynasty Canadian team where he had 7 points in 7 games.****

Then to come out of college at 20 years old and to immediately get a roster spot on the NYR (#1 in the East) in the midst of a playoff series is classic. Just goes to show you the level this kid is on off the bat. If you are not impressed with that, then i apologize but not everyone can be a Crosby/Ovechkin type player.

He did spend some time with the 1st line, some time on the 2nd and some time on the 3rd. Think he even had one game where he only played like 7 minutes lol. He had some defensive lapses and Torts decided to be careful with the young kid. Yet I remember watching every game and thinking wow.

Its not always how much you score, but his mere presence was useful for the team. Without him we probably would have lost to the Caps.

So 7 points in 18 games, in your first pro debut in the NHL playoffs of all things, being moved around on a minute to minute basis is pretty good. Including 5 goals, one or two of which was game winners. I gues that slipped your minds?

***I believe he was 1 of 2 NCAA players playing in the WC in 2011 for USA, also pretty impressive. 3 goals in 7 games. Not too shabby on a team that sucked.****

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