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01-14-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
Why not extend his AI5?
Ai5 isn't even too small, they're only looking into another stick for a backup in the case his breaks (which he thinks it's going to) during an upcoming tournament.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
I would stick with the Ai5, Ai7, or Ai9. If it's a bit short for him stock, get a wood plug. You may have to sand/file/shave it to size and chop off the excess.

Intermediates are likely going to be to stiff for him until he's 5'3 or taller. I'm 5'7 and chop off 3-4" off intermediate 5' I'd be lopping off nearly a foot. Way too much stick to lose.

Another option is Miken which makes those Accuflex sticks. They have a lot of flex and length options for those who are between junior and intermediate sticks. Maybe a 45 or 55 flex?
He practiced with the vapor and hated it (which didn't surprise me) but he wanted an N12 which I knew is going to feel the same for a junior or is way too big for an intermediate/senior. Thankfully after I told him this he finally listened and said he'd just get another Ai5 so hopefully that's that.

Oh and the Miken thing is a good idea but he's an idiot and wants "sexy" sticks. Only thing he asked when I told him some options was "what do they look like?". His Ai5 now was a christmas present from me 2 christmas' ago that he's loved.

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