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01-14-2013, 11:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Ridley Simon View Post
There are 2 problems. One we are thin at top 4 D, from your perspective. Two we have an overpaid player in Laich, who doesnt sit well with you on the 3rd line.

You are trying to solve these two problems (that YOU see, btw, not necessarily everyone else) with this hail mary solution.

I dont think so.

Green can/should be playing with Hamrlik or possibly Poti....if Poti is actually healthy. Orlov will be on the 3rd pair with either Erskin, Schultz, or preferably Hamrlik/Poti.

In a perfect world:


10 deep...maybe not 10 good deep, but 10 deep nonetheless.

Laich should be playing 2nd line W with Ribeiro and Wolski/Fehr/Johansson/Brouwer (take your pick, depending on chemistry.

This of course, is all just *my* opinion, much like the above is yours.
I don't think it's a hail mary solution. Throwing someone like Ribeiro there would be a hail mary solution.

I already stated some reasons why I think Laich could be converted more successfully than most. I'll state all of them. He's got good endurance. He's not afraid to play the body. He freely blocks shots. While he gets manhandled as a forward all he really needs as a D is to obstruct people like Alzner does. He has good positioning, he's defensively minded, he skates better than half our defensemen. He doesn't have a good first step or great top speed but he is pretty agile and has very consistent defensemanish skating. From what I've seen he's also disciplined enough to play conservative and slavishly err on the side of defense and low risk plays.

If he makes the transition I would bet he can play as well as a poor man's Gorges at least, which is all Green needs, since he's like the forward version of Gorges. Possibly better than a poor man's Gorges.

Laich doesn't sit well with me on the 3rd line because he doesn't have the qualities that make an excellent 3rd line center other than working hard and being defensive minded. He's not big. He's not fast. His faceoff ability is average to below average. He doesn't play with excessive snarl that great 3rd line centers have. Dave Bolland he is not, nowhere close. He's paid 4.5 per year to fill a role he'd be worse at it than McClemment, who at least has speed, snarl and above average faceoff ability.

If Poti can come back (which I don't believe, he's still in pain ffs) great. If not Hamrlik is a 39 year old guy who I believe should be on the 3rd pairing mentoring Orlov. I can see a Knuble like decline for him this year. He already had it once the year we got killed by Montreal.

If you consider this a 'hail mary' solution remember, Pens had a hail mary solution of playing 7 D and alternating Crosby and Malkin on the 4th line during the stanley cup round after we kneecapped Gonchar. Hawks had a hail mary solution of playing Byfuglien at forward, and the Thrashers subsequently had one of paying a ton for him and moving him back to defense. Hail mary solutions aren't half bad when you think them through.

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